Dedicated to the memory of our loving and creative father-in-law and friend, Geoff Fernald; without whom our first website and little startup business would not have been possible. Geoff's constant advice, feedback, extensive computer and web expertise, and support allowed Napa Valley Fly Guides to be successful almost right away.

He was born in Death Valley, in Boron, California. His father worked for the US Military so the family moved constantly throughout his childhood. He attended high school in Norway and became fluent in Norwegian. He participated in the Free Speech Movement, was arrested for his protest, and later graduated from UC Berkeley. He was an electrical engineer and a poet; a philosopher and scientist, and a disturber of the easier "status quo". He developed prostate cancer at age 50; fought it with radiation therapy, and had 20 more good years. In 2014, the prostate cancer returned with a vengance and with it bladder cancer—both metastatic. As with everything else he had done in life, he fought both with incredible calm, matter-of-factness, and courage. He at last gave up with amazing grace, on August 20, 2015. His laugh and enormous personality and presence is sorely missed.

One of his favorite quotes was: "Will the sun not also rise—tomorrow?" Thank you, Dad, for everything. Look at us now!