Richard holding a rainbow trout

We are a family-owned and operated, Mom-and-Pop Fly-Fishing Guide Service and Fishing Charter; started on August 14, 2013. Richard and colleagues are all licensed Fly-Fishing Guides, who take locals and tourists, beginners and experienced, on guided fly fishing trips on local, Northern California rivers. These locations include: Putah Creek, in Napa Valley's Wine Country; the Lower Fork of the Yuba River, in Old Gold Countrys' Marysville; the Stanislaus River outside Oakdale; and other rivers upon request.

Putah Creek is Richard's speciality. It is a tailwater; just below Lake Berryessa; a 4.5 mile stretch of clean, cold fresh water for the now native Rainbow Trout in the recently designated, Snow Mountain Lake Berryessa National Monument. Richard has partnered with Putah Creek Trout and the Heritage Wild Trout Program since 2008 to be a steward of this Northern California river by doing annual California Coastal Clean-Ups, and Putah Creek Surveys and Habitat Restoration on a regular basis.


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Fly Fishing Lessons

Fly Fishing Lessons - Richard is happy to teach an on the river "Intro to Fly Fishing" class for those beginners or enthusiasts who want basic fly fishing lessons. Please call or email if interested.

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Call for details of our cancellation policy.

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